A.Website Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is the highly skilled process of adjusting the internal and external aspects of a website to make them naturally favorable to Search Engines.

60% of all searches are carried out on Google with Yahoo and MSN sharing the majority of the remaining market.

WiSEOtter work with a company to compile a list of Keywords and Phrases relevant to their business and objectives. These are the primary objective of Search Engine Optimisation as these if well defined will bring visitors to a website. These keywords and phrases are added effectively in well written copy to the website content so that the product, information or download can be found via search engines. The written content of a site is extremely important to a website rank as search engine robots only detect text, how this text is positioned and included is also vital.

The physical structure of a website is also highly important for example the most relevant information for the search term should appear at the top of a page. All elements must be made ‘friendly’ to robots.

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