Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search Engine Optimisation SEO is the highly skilled process of adjusting the internal and external aspects of a website to make them natuaraly favourable to Search Engines.

60% of all searches are carried out on Google with Yahoo and MSN sharing the majority of the remaining market.

It is a common consensus that if a website appears any lower than page three users will abandon their search before reaching it. A quarter of users don’t even go further than page two. To get ahead of competitors requires an intelligent and competent Search Engine Optimisation program which if carried out correctly should reap commercial rewards.

We have all received spam and seen the internet adverts promising ‘Your site at No1’ and ‘Instant Top Ten results’. It is impossible to guarantee a number one position as it takes hours of quality SEO to achieve positive results. Regular careful adjustments to algorithms are requires to increase favorability to specific search engines. The SEO expert has to contend with competitor optimisation and keyword domination issues which they are unable to control.

As professional , successful Search Engine Optimisation specialists WiSEOtter work hard to remove the view that all companies offering the service are simply deceiving customers out of large sums of cash with no return.

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