Has your website been affected by Google Penguin?

Has your website suddenly and dramatically dropped down the Google listings over the last few months? If the answer is yes it will probably be down to a Pesky Google Penguin or a Pedantic Panda (did you see what I did there?!). No, not online cartoon characters but the names of the new Google Algorithms.

Algorithms are the coded instructions which search engine robots use to determine site relevance and therefore position. Penguin & Panda are designed to hunt out and remove irrelevant websites from listings for specific search terms. This can be due to a number of reasons but the single most common factor is unfriendly inbound (those to your site) and outbound links (those from your site).

Rumour has it that there is little you can do to combat Google Penguin & Panda, signalling the end of Search Engine Optimisation however, this simply isn’t true. One of the most important things is to check on your website links (free tools available online), removing those which are harmful or irrelevant.

If you think your website may have been ushered down the ranks by the Google Penguin or Panda and are unsure how to rectify this yourself then drop us an email: info@wiseotter.com. Our team will review your website and discuss the available solutions in order to gain (regain) a page one google position but, more importantly get those potential customers visiting your site again.

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